Community Assistance December 2017

Over the past month, MCF has been busy helping the most vulnerable people in our community. We have provided emergency accommodation for three ladies who have experienced traumatic events in their lives. This has given them the opportunity to try and normalise their lives and then find suitable accommodation elsewhere.

We have been helping a young man since his arrival from Iraq 4 years ago. He suffers from multiple injuries to his legs inflicted from bomb blasts. He has undergone numerous surgeries overseas and again here in Australia. Mcf has always assisted him with surgery fees, hospital care and specialist appointments. He now needs to see another Neurosurgeon for a spinal condition. He also has an appointment with a Podiatrist to have custom made footwear. Due to his low income from Centrelink he is unable to afford these expensive surgeries. He is in constant pain and cannot wait for help within the public system.

We have been paying rent for several families whose visas have been rejected and are now appealing in the courts. During this long process, they are denied all benefits and have to rely on various charities for food, basic necessities andpay the rent or face eviction.

We can only imagine the hopelessness and stress this must cause for these families.

The cases mentioned above are but a few of the many cases we deal with almost on a daily basis. Your continued support ensures that the most vulnerable people in our Community receive the help they most need.

To donate to MCF, please use the electronic banking details on our website:

May Allah bless both the MCF volunteers and the people who donate.

Without your support, community assistance like this would not be possible.

A reminder that all money donated to MCF is received by those in need. MCF has no paid staff and no admin fees.